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  • "RAGE Reiji is the best hockey stick I have ever used. It has very good control and I can get power effortlessly on it. If you want to be a stand out player on the pitch, start with the Rage Reiji."
    Tyler Coleman
  • "Cheers rage hockey!! Top notch hockey stick"
    Felix Morrison‎
  • "I would just like to thank RAGE hockey for great service and even better hockey equipment, I purchased at the beginning of the season. I absolutely love my new RAGE Extreme hockey stick and would definitely recommend to other hockey players. I also purchased a bag that is perfect to hold everything for match day. The shin pads are light and comfortable. Highly recommend RAGE Hockey equipment . 5* all round!!!!"
    ‎James Innes‎
  • "The RAGE Gold is a fantastic stick, lovely comfortable feel for superb close control. The Low-bow profile allows for easy 3D skills and overhead balls. The stiffness of the stick allows for hard shots to be executed with ease, without compromising ball control. 9/10."
    Michael Jones
  • "I have used the Red Rage for about a month now and have found it to be pretty much the perfect stick for all areas of the pitch because of its feel and power. I am a more defensive player so tackling is the most important thing for me. The wider shaft on the stick gives lots more extra surface for stopping and tackling making it easier. The stick is awesome for doing skills because you always know the ball is going to be under control and at the end of your stick no matter what. If you are a more attacking player then the Red Rage will suit you too. While hitting, the stick produces so much power and precision that you always know where the ball is going to end up."
    Rhys Herrington

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