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Bulk Orders

  • I want to order in bulk, are there any price concessions?
    For an order above 15 items we recommend that you e-mail us at [email protected] and we will give you a very special price at a very economical yet efficient cargo package. By ordering in bulk you will be saving a lot of money and the bigger the quantity the more you will save.

Care Instructions

  • Are there any special instructions for taking care of the products?
    Please make sure you read the item’s label and follow the Care Instructions. Here are a few more tips that will help you prolong the newness of the products: Stick Care: Use a cloth tape around 4-5 inches at the lower end of the shaft to protect against stick clashes but remember not to put the cloth tape on the blade. Do not apply linseed oil to your stick. Always allow the stick to dry naturally after it gets wet. Stick Repair: The use of repair kits; available easily from sports shops is highly recommended, as they will indeed prolong the product’s life, but please read the instructions for use before attempting to do so. Warning: Repeated & forceful use of edge hitting (Argentinean backhand) can cause severe damage to the stick. In case the edge splits or a crack is visible use the stick repair kit at once. For cotton products: To preserve original shape, wash them in cold water and dry flat. To shrink the item, wash in warm water and dry in hot air.

Coupons & Discounts

  • How can I use a discount coupon?
    If you have a discount coupon, add the items you wish to order to your cart, hover over the Cart icon and select “View Shopping Cart”. Below the product details you will see an option “Discount Codes”, fill in the required field and after validating if the coupon is applicable, the system will automatically add the discount and you can proceed to checkout.

Custom Field Hockey Equipment

  • Do you manufacture customized sticks for other brands/clubs/colleges on request?
    Yes, we do manufacture hockey sticks for other brands, clubs & individuals. Please visit https://www.ragecustom.com/ for more details.


  • I would like to have the distributorship of RAGE® Hockey?
    We are growing due to the ever-increasing demand of our products. For that we are in constant look-out for organizations or individuals who can take up distribution of RAGE® Hockey Equipment. Our terms and conditions are quite easy and encouraging. Our only criteria are experience and PR in the field. For more info in this regard, email us at [email protected] and remember to subject the e-mail “Distributorship”.


Product Quality

  • I would like to know a little overview of your hockey sticks?
    RAGE® Composites: Our world-class composite production facility brings continuous improvements in our composite hockey sticks. We have one of the most extensive range of moulds in the world, enabling us to bring minuscule variations in shape, weight and balance to suit player preferences. We have over time perfected many fiber matrix combinations so that we may control factors like flexibility, Centre of Gravity, strength etc. to player specifications. We are also using new and advanced nylon, polyester and ceramic RSR fibers for strategic matrix modeling and reinforcement structure. RAGE® Wooden Sticks: We believe that each player is unique in his own way and such diversity deserves to be complimented. Our wooden sticks are handcrafted so the players can choose the stick right for themselves. Each hockey is distinct in its facets though at the same time it adheres to strict quality standards. The RAGE® Wooden Sticks are an extension of your arm and are so balanced to give you total control and heightened feel.
  • What current measures are you taking to enhance your quality?
    RAGE® Hockey proudly adds the following new advancements in its already illustrious repertoire of previous innovations. CR-39 Edge Protection: This technological innovation is employed for protection against the backhand shots keeping in mind the ever increasing level of skill and speed. Omega 315 Core: Is a new Fiber Matrix wrapping technique, offering excellent vibration dampening in RAGE® Composites. Multiple Fibre Architecture: At RAGE® Hockey we have found the correct way to use different fibers to extract maximum benefit out of them. We have devised different fibre ratios and combinations to improve and control key factors like strength; weight distribution etc. we have also established an architectural structure of placement to enhance the performance of the hockey stick to its fullest. Advanced Hockey Splitting Inhibitor (AHSI): Is the evolved state of MSI, it is a carbon-aramid braid placed from the bottom-side to half the length of the stick. This technology is especially helpful in preventing damages caused by use of the Argentinean Backhand (reverse hitting). Carbon-X: This is our in-house modified version of graphite fibre customized for use in hockey sticks. The result of this unique component has increased the overall strength of our sticks by 30-35% PU-NC Wrap: This is a special innovative technique that helps to prolong the cosmetics of the stick twice as long. By using this PU-NC Wrap we are able to make an outer layer of protective covering over the finished stick. This covering does not adhere to the actual stick and flakes off over time with out damaging the actual lacquer and paint of the stick thus increasing the life span of the stick.
  • What is the meaning of SF on the hockey?
    The abbreviation of SF is Strength Factor, every RAGE® Hockey is marked with a specific SF number depicting three factors; Abrasion Resistance, Striking Force & Durability. The higher the SF value the stronger the stick.


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