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Hacking the Supply Chain for Good

Here is the supply chain model of traditional field hockey companies:

Assume demand for the next season based on what got sold previously


Blindly take product decisions based on the brand’s “Gut feelings”


Order in bulk from Asia via sea freight to mitigate costs as much as possible


Stock the inventory and try to sell it off during the course of next season


Unfortunately that is an archaic model and modern digital businesses have innovated in fantastic new ways. In his article in Forbes, Kevin O’Marah, Chief Content Officer at SCM World discusses how supply chain legend ZARA uses technology to better Sense, Decide & Respond to customer demand in this digital age.

Now to be honest, we used to follow a traditional supply chain model at RAGE Hockey but then something happened… We launched RAGE Custom Works!

RAGE Custom has a unique business model which allows us to Sense, Decide & Respond to demand because people tell us exactly what they want.

During the course of last year as we perfected production & logistics systems for RAGE Custom, we started seeing opportunities of how we could utilize this added capacity to benefit RAGE Hockey as well. We realized that RAGE Custom in a way is an “on-demand” service very much like Uber, Lyft or AirBnB. The only difference is that our customers do not need “instant gratification” like they would for a ride or a meal and are more than happy to wait 15 or so days to get a product they want.

We believe that we can use the same fundamentals to offer our RAGE Hockey customers huge savings, a better range of products and never having to turn down a customer because of an item being unavailable.



To accomplish that we need to do the following:

Sense what customers want… we will be utilizing data from RAGE Custom and adding a huge range of new field hockey products in the coming months.

Decide on what to produce… we are asking YOU the customer to order in the first 7 days of the month, so we know exactly what and how much to produce.

Respond by meeting your expectations… Using the ‘Just In Time – JIT’ manufacturing techniques we have developed for RAGE Custom, your order is delivered to you in the last 7 days of that month.

Doing this would allow us to solve the 4 biggest problems any retail outfit facesthe cost of making inventory in bulk, the cost of transporting that bulk inventory, the cost of storing that inventory for a long time & finally the cost of being stuck with excessive inventory that doesn’t get sold!

And of course we are more than happy to pass on these savings to you in the form of discounts of up to 70% on certain products plus monthly giveaways 🙂

So just to recap… order in the first 7 days of the month, get amazing discounts and get your stuff delivered in the last 7 days of that month!



And here is what you get in return

The best deal in town… Period!

The discounted prices & the giveaways give you a cumulative savings of up to 70%


Options you never had before

Get sticks in ANY length / weight combo, choose the grip color, the stick finish & more


Always get what you want

With this new ‘on-demand’ manufacturing model, nothing is ever out of stock


Best price from day one

New products added every month and you always get them at the discounted rate


Ready to be a part of “THE” new?

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